A Home Made by Drawing. Solo show
B#S Gallery, Treviso.

I think it has been important to bring my project A Home Made by Drawing to Italy at this time, when basically all political forces reject somehow migration and refugees, and the rhetoric of nationalism is spreading in Europe. Ultimately A Home Made by Drawing is an art project about mobility, connection, travel and temporary dwelling. It is a visual metaphor of alternative, porous, nomadic and negotiable notions of home, identity and belonging. By exploring non-static and fluid manners of dwelling it evokes an alternative and nomadic relationship between human beings and their environment, inviting us to rethink notions of identity and belonging in a fluid and diasporic perspective.
Despite the new nationalist rhetoric, and despite Trump's sinister claim, I strongly believe the future belongs to us, global citizens, whose loves, lives, jobs, memories, fortunes and misfortunes, desires and pains extend like an intricate drawing of red lines on the whole planet that will eventually make national boundaries and ideologies a nightmare from a barbaric past.
Thanks to IoDeposito Npo, and particularly to its coordinator and curator Chiara Isadora Artico, and to all the IoDeposito team Magda Dokowska Terxan Ismayilzade and Alice Rubbini
Fotos by FotoPigi Foto
The project in Treviso is hosted by and organised in partnership with IoDeposito and supported by the i-Portunus pilot project funded by the #creativeeurope Programme of the European Union.