My current artistic research explores the relationship between human beings and Nature, the tension and possible symbiotic coexistence and communion between humankind and the environment, between the individual subject and the phenomenological world.

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Lorenzo Bordonaro holds a BA+MA in Philosophy/Anthropology (Università di Torino, Italy) and a PhD in Cultural Anthropology (ISCTE, Lisbon). He was post-doctoral researcher at IUL-ISCTE (Lisbon), at Sergipe Federal University (Brazil) and UTAD University (Portugal). He conducted ethnographic research in Guinea Bissau, Cape Verde, Portugal and Brazil on several issues, from childhood to youth violence, from creativity and urban marginality to migration and development in African contexts. He lectured anthropology at grad and post-grad levels in Portugal, Cape Verde and Brazil. He studied painting and drawing at ArCo (Lisbon) and Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Lisbon.
His artistic practice merges with the anthropological research: his installations and public art projects are often rooted in a wider social and philosophical reflexivity and in political activism. He carried out public art projects in different social contexts and geographical areas: from Brazilian favelas to shanty towns at the periphery of Lisbon; from the Cape Verdean ghettos to the historical neighbourhoods of Graça and Mouraria, in Lisbon.
He participated in several events, festivals and collective exhibitions, among which the Architecture Biennale in Venice, Manifesta 12 in Palermo and Ethnographic Terminalia in Chicago, US. He is presently working on the relationship and communion between human being and the naural environment. In 2020 he was awarded the Public Art and Sustainability Prize for the habitable sculpture 'Haven', which is now installed permanently in Braga, Portugal.

ARTISTIC CV (for a full CV including my research activities and publications as an anthropologist click here)

Solo shows and projects

2020 Refúgio. Uma escultura habitável. Premio Arte Pública e Sustentabilidade, ZET Gallery and DST Group, Braga, Portugal.
2020 A Home Made by Drawing: Amazonia, FBAUL, Lisbon. Curated by Ângela Ferreira.
2019 A Home Made by Drawing, B#S Gallery, Treviso, Italy. 
2019 Omi i kus’é, um pedra? FCSH Universidade Nova, Lisbon.
2018 Sobreposições / Galeria da Biblioteca UTAD / Vila Real / Portugal
2017 If you dig you always find the sea at the end / Manifesta 12 (waiting for Manifesta programme) / Palermo / Italy
2016 Crash / Dimora OZ / Palermo / Italy
2013 The keycutter house (Casa das Chaves) / Mouraria Neighbourhood / Lisbon / Portugal
2012 Ghetto Six / 6 de Maio Neighborhood / Amadora / Portugal
2012. Somos nós, Calabacera, Praia, Cabo Verde

Group shows

2020 Field/Works: Kaleidoscopic Activity Between Anthropology and Art, Online Exhibition, EASA 2020.
2019 A Vida é um Emaranhado de Nós, ZET Gallery, Braga, Portugal
2019 I Bienal da Fábrica. Fábrica Braço de Prata, Lisbon, Portugal.
2019 Premio SGPCM-FBAUL, Lisboa, Portugal
2019 Public # Intimacy, B#S Gallery, Treviso, Italy.
2019 Materia Suoni Visioni, B#S Gallery, Treviso, Italy.
2018 Materia Suoni Visioni Fondazione Cá Foscari, Venezia, Italy.
2018 Ruins / Decadenza e Rovina, Castello di Duino, Duino, Italy
2018  Vanitas # Memento Mori, Palazzo Ducale, Genova, Italy
2018 18th IUAES (International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences) World Congress, Photo Exhibition, Florianópolis, Brazil. 
2018 DIN A4, BBK Osnabrück, Osnabrück, Germany
2018 PintaMalasaña 2018, Madrid, Spain
2018 Restart 360º, RESTART, Lisbon, Portugal
2017 Impermanence, B#S Gallery, Treviso, Italy.
2017 Manifesta 12 (School in Tandem programme), Palermo, Italy
2016 Gangcity / 15th Venice Architecture Biennale / Venezia / Italy
2016 Exprimint 7 / Galeria Zé de Dome / Aracaju / Brazil
2016 BIAS - Biennale d’Arte Sacra e delle Religioni dell’Umanità / Palermo / Italy
2016 Ritrovarsi / Festival Internazionale d’Arte Contemporanea / Sciacca / Italy
2015 INATEL Foundation Finalists’ Exhibition / Galeria da Associação Portuguesa de Escultura e Pintura / Lisbon / Portugal
2015 Wang Festival de Arte Urbano / Montevideo / Uruguay
2015 Forum das Arte Visuais / Galeria J. Inácio / Aracaju / Brazil
2015 SM15 / Front Art Space / New York / USA
2015 Incubarte 7 Festival Internacional de Arte / Valencia / Spain
2014 Passeio Literário da Graça / Lisbon / Portugal
2013 NOOR - Mouraria Light Walk / Lisbon / Portugal
2013  Ethnographic Terminalia 2013: Exhibition as Residency–Art, Anthropology, Collaboration / Art Incubator in Washington Park / Chicago / USA
2013 Independentes / Galeria Inma Ruiz / Lisbon / Portugal
2012 Woundscapes. Suffering, Creativity and bare life / Museu da Cidade / Lisbon / Portugal


2020 Premio Arte Pública e Sustentabilidade, ZET Gallery and DST Group, Braga, Portugal
2019 I-Portunus mobility grant (Creative Europe)
2019 Prémio SGPCM-FBAUL, Honorable mention.
2015 INATEL Foundation Visual Art Prize / Finalist / Lisbon / Portugal
2015 SM15 / Finalist / Front Art Space / New York / USA
2012 Muda o Bairro Prize (Change the neighbourhood) / First Prize / Associação Renovar a Mouraria and Lisbon Municipality (CML) / Lisbon / Portugal


2019 A Vida é um Emaranhado de Nós / Catalogue / ZET Gallery, Braga, Portugal
2019 Prémio SGPCM-FBAUL / Catalogue / Lisbon /Portugal
2017 SM15 / Catalogue / New York / USA
2016 BIAS 2016 / Catalogue / Palermo / Italy
2013 Ethnographic Terminalia 2013: Exhibition as Residency–Art, Anthropology, Collaboration / Catalogue / Chicago / USA
2012 Woundscapes / Catalogue / Lisbon / Portugal


2017 Manifesta 12 (waiting for Manifesta programme) / Palermo / Italy
2016 Venice Architecture Biennale / Venezia / Italy
2016 BIAS - Biennale d’Arte Sacra e delle Religioni dell’Umanità / Palermo / Italy

Artistic direction and curatorship

2019 Antropologia, paisagem, sentidos: pesquisa e arte de/na paisagem. Obras de Marcelo Moscheta e Seila Fernández Arconada. Museu da Terra de Miranda, Miranda do Douro. Curator.
2019. XIV Encontros de Primavera – 13-16 Junho 2019. Picote (Miranda do Douro). Curador.
2018. XIII Encontros de Primavera – 7-10 Junho 2018. Picote (Miranda do Douro). Curador.
2017-2020. Urban Art Programme Coordinator. XALABAS. Projecto Comunidades no Centro – A Identidade Local como Fator de Desenvolvimento do Turismo Sustentável (UE Funded Project, contract CSO-LA/2017/386-458). Praia, Cape Verde.
2016. OcupAção. Santa Maria Squat Community. Aracaju (SE), Brazil. March-May
2015. Nova Liberdade III. Fragmentos de vida, arte e etnografia. CULTART, Aracaju (SE), Brazil, 15-23 May
2014. Passeio Literário da Graça (funded by Lisbon Municipality), Lisbon (Portugal)
2013. Mouraria Imagined by Children, (funded by Lisbon Municipality), 18-20 July.
2013. NOOR - Mouraria Light Walk (funded by Lisbon Municipality), 18-20 July.