Passeio literário da Graça

Graça literary trail

(Artistic direction)

Natália Correia, Angelina Vidal, Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen, Florbela Espanca... All these celebrated authors of Portuguese literature had an often unacknowledged link to the Graça neighborhood. Have you ever visited the Bairro Estrella d’Ouro, Vila Sousa, or Vila Berta? From April to June 2014 a group of street artists carried out several artistic interventions on some of the walls of the Graça, celebrating these literary figures and giving visibility to the hidden architectural heritage of the neighborhood.
Interventions by: Eime, Leonor Brilha, Lorenzo Bordonaro, Mariana Dias Coutinho, MrDheo, Pariz, Violante (supported by MEDS REACTION).

I coordinated this project as president and creative director of the EBANOCollective. Please check the dedicated section on the EBANOCollective website for a longer description and more images.

Photos by Valentina Pibiri