A home made by drawing

A Home Made by Drawing is an art-research and anthropological project exploring the human practice of dwelling, the notions of home and shelter, and the meanings and quandaries of human mobility. Beyond the purely architectural and formal interpretations, the project investigates the dialectic between ideas of home and horizon, openness and closure, finite and infinite that generates a constant, ambiguous and unsolvable movement between contraction and expansion, between staying and leaving.
A Home Made by Drawing explores non-static and fluid manners of dwelling that evoke an alternative and nomadic relationship between human beings and their environment, inviting us to rethink notions of identity and belonging in a fluid and diasporic perspective. The architectural materialization of this condition is the temporary shelter, in which a thin, fragile dividing and permeable frame separates an internal environment from the outside space.
In A Home Made by Drawing, I create symbolic nomadic structures through ephemeral, fragile and impermanent architectures that embody this oscillation between the need to take shelter and the drive to move beyond, between being oneself and becoming other, between the home and the drive or need to travel. These architectures are therefore ‘nomadic shelters’, symbolic dwelling forms from where to start rethinking the relationship with the environment and with the landscape, acknowledging mobility as fundamental feature and right of human beings.